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Monica Hinojos

I am a West Texas raised and New England transplant who over the years has shaped a career as a purpose-driven creative producer energized by the call to do good and produce compelling content. I am a well-regarded collaborator, partner, problem solver, and tenacious ally who brings an entrepreneurial and inclusive approach for leading initiatives and curating networks to share stories and make impact. I received my Master of Business Administration from Simmons College School of Management and a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin.

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  • Monica is a tremendous partner for any team. She is highly efficient, experienced, and gets down to business incredibly quickly. She supported the implementation of an event for Strong Women, Strong Girls and gave us some grounded leadership during a time of transition. 
    I love seeing the impact of her work on many initiatives that support women in Boston – women entrepreneurs, women of color leading, women running for office. Wherever women are advancing and achieving more equity, you’ll find Monica backing the effort. She is often the unseen force behind the scenes making things happen. Her role is not always publicly celebrated, but is vital to making progress!
    Siiri Morley
    Former Executive Director
  • I’ve worked with Monica on a number of client projects and I feel confident in handing off critical pieces of the work to her. Some of our clients are very demanding, and I know they have a high level of satisfaction because she has taken care of important details of the work. 
    Stephanie Goodell
    Founder and Principal
  • Monica is one of the most responsive, organized, dedicated and realistic strategists I know. I have learned so much by working with her. She is an indispensable and inspirational asset to any team.
    Hawah Kasat
    Executive Director, (Artist, Author, Peace Educator, Yogi)
  • Monica has worked with the CWEL team at Babson to help drive the creative vision and brand identity of the WIN Lab and myriad women’s programming initiatives. Her creativity really brought the WIN brand to life and she has worked tirelessly with the team to develop and produce a library of spectacular marketing materials used in programming, fund-raising, and both local and national marketing initiatives. Monica will always give her best to work with your timelines and goes above and beyond to deliver excellent results. I highly recommend her for graphic work, marketing and communications strategy and execution, and web and digital marketing.
  • One of Monica’s greatest strengths is her innate ability to connect with people and rally their support around issues, campaigns, and causes. A strategic planner with keen and practical business skills, Monica was instrumental in helping my organization achieve its goals. Monica is truly a powerhouse for cause-related organizations and social entrepreneurs looking to grow and succeed.
  • Having volunteered alongside Monica, I knew that she was one of the most reliable, smart people I knew, but only after hiring her did I learn that she is also the most capable person I know in a number of areas. Monica excels in project management, creative thinking and strategic planning – she basically took my initial vision and walked myself and my staff through the process of executing and delivering on that vision. We were all elevated by her example. I would recommend Monica to anyone who is ready to commit to their own vision and get it done. But be sure you’re ready to execute, because she’s a true professional and I would hate to hear someone wasted her time! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
    Khadijah M. Britton
    Executive Director
  • Monica is a tremendously creative thinker. She is meticulous in her research and uses her findings to develop approaches to problems like no one else I know. She maintains every contact she has ever made and is willing, no eager to make connections even if she isn’t directly involved in the project. That being said, I think Monica’s strongest trait is her positive attitude and the energy she brings to everything she does.
    Dot DeYoung
    Retired, former HR Manager at Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Over my 4 years at the Center for Women & Enterprise, I was lucky enough to collaborate with Monica on a number of annual projects. Monica is active and ambitious, and has that rare gift of true entrepreneurial spirit. Within the worlds of sustainable business, the arts, activism and events, Monica is one of the most well connected people I know. She is current on technology and social movements, delivers on promises, extends herself on every project and keeps mission at the heart of all her endeavors. Monica’s persistence, integrity, strategic thinking and vision make her an invaluable asset to any organization and a joy to work with.
    Cassie Lindsay
    Senior Philanthropy Manager
  • Monica is hardworking and has a great sense of focus and dedication. She throws herself into projects and is very interested in helping and connecting others. She has a keen sense of social justice and is actively involved in a variety of nonprofits and political campaigns dedicated to improving conditions in the world.
    Dorie Clark
    Keynote Speaker; HBR contributor; Author; Marketing Consultant; Business School Professor